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Switches & Sockets

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LED Light Switches And Socket Need Extra Care

There has been a lot of discussion around the use of Light Emitting Diode or LEDs in the present day modern electrical appliances. These are being touted as light sources with savings of plenty of energy and hence money. They also last very long. Apart from these economical features, the styling in LED has given them huge importance in house and commercial electrical fittings. For the reasons of dimming, variable colours and availability of tubes and strips of LED, these are in high demand. While the LED light itself is important, these cannot usually run optimally without the presence of controllers or dimmers, if there is need of alterations of the lights.

Running LED lights at different voltage outputs with their points at the electrical panels in the walls

Buying a LED bulb and fitting it into the ordinary socket of incandescent bulbs is easy, which is being done by many people themselves. It is for complicated fittings like strip LEDs and tubes that the technical people are to be called upon. Many of these LED bulbs run on DC current, with 12v or 24v outputs, which are available with If you need to buy these light systems, then the accessories have to be bought also, which will require a technical person to fit.

Accessories for LED lights like the dimmers, transformers and switches should be fitted with smooth finish

For dimming LED bulbs, the LED dimmer switch is necessary to be placed near the electrical sockets, at the point of the panel. Therefore, LED dimmer switches are as essential in LED fittings, as are the LED bulbs. Equally important are the LED light switches, which should be placed near the other points, with switches and sockets. While the switches are like the normal electrical points, sometimes these are combined with the dimmers, necessitating them to be put near the plug sockets. This kind of placement is done by your technical people, because they understand the working of LED lights.

Panels for LED dimmer switches placed properly on the walls to bring forth the beauty of the fittings

With special attachments necessary for strip and tube lighting, the transformers for direct current should be placed near the panel. This facilitates the opening up of the panel and repairing these points, in case of glitches. But, when the rooms are fitted with LED lights, you need to make sure that the panels with LED light switch and plug sockets should have a smooth finish with the tiles and these are possible to be cleaned to retain their beautiful looks. For this reason, you will find guides and tutorials at to provide you the assistance in fixing these light switches. The dimmers are also attached at these panels. With LED lighting the game for the future, you should take care to have the best finish for your home fittings, so that the beautifully arranged lights are also glowing with bright colours and inside the beautiful interior decor.