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LED Strip Lights

LED Strip Lights

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Bright LED Strip Lights For Colour Accent And Brightness

Most often, we tend to follow trends without understanding much about the functions and features. For the LED strip lights, such concept appears to be applicable to find an increase in the sales of these lights, although many people are not sure if they are getting the right LED strip for use.

Variety of strip LED lights available

To start with, at, we have a stock of LED strips for use by people for their homes, offices and other commercial purposes. Typically, LED strip is a long piece of small LED diodes, fixed at a certain distance to emit light, when current passes through it, possible to be fixed onto surfaces. Varied lengths of these LED strip lights are available in the market, manufactured and sold by different companies. We have standard lighting fixtures with such strips of LEDs, which are having specified lumens and wattage for meter of the strips. Therefore, it is easier for buyers to check out the LED strip lighting, which they want to buy, according to the places at which these are to be fitted.

4 essential LED strip lights features to consider:

Buying as per the colour and luminescence – Colour of the lights from the 12v LED strip lights and the brightness are two very important things to check, before buying these lights. For the LED strip lights kitchen, the cool light with above 3000 kelvin lumens is ideal, as people want to have proper brightness and still have a cool feel. Anything lower than this value, gives the yellow lights, which are warm and hence suitable for the living rooms and bedrooms. Moreover, the RGB LED strip lights are more suited for back panel or undercover lighting, because the colour changes would be stiff on the eyes, if these are falling directly on the vision.

  • Variations in colours – For the single colour 24v LED strip lights, the colour emitted is constant, which can be dimmed to reduce the incandescence, but still it is different from the RGB LED strip lights, which can change their colours according to the set limits by the controllers. If you are seeking to install these colour lights, you can get the controllers from without having any confusions.
  • Flexible strips for fixing in different lines – Installations of the LED strip should be done by experts, because there are different varieties of the strips available with us. Flexible strips can be used in corners and non-linear arrangements. But, for the straight and small pieces of LED strip lights from our collections, people can themselves do the setting by simply sticking to the surface. So, if you are buying the LED strip lighting for your house, this consideration will be very essential.
  • Use of transformers to run specified voltage strips – When running the 24v LED strip lights, get the suitable transformers for the strips, because these cannot run in the main line. Their longevity is ensured if the 24v DC current is passing through them and this is possible with the help of transformers fitted along with the LED strips.

Putting money on LED strip lighting can be one of the most significant changes you bring to your home or office or commercial establishment. But, strip lights of LEDs are to be selected with prudence, by considering various parameters and then only there can be proper lighting. Also, the point of buying from reliable sources should be taken into consideration for satisfactory LED strip lights.