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LED Light Bulbs

LED Light Bulbs

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A range of direct replacement LED Light Bulbs compatible with E27, E14, B22 and B15 fittings, as well as mains voltage G9's and low voltage G4's. These LED Light Bulbs are designed to replace your existing halogen and incandescent light bulbs like-for-like and will save you a fortune on your electricity bills. Available in a range of shapes and styles including GLS, Candle and golf ball. Click on a product to view more information.

LED Bulbs Offering Efficiency And Other Advantages

Many people will not agree to the fact that the Light Emitting Diode lights have been introduced into the commercial market more than a decade ago. During those years, many people starting fitting a few of these LED lights, but couldn’t get the combinations right, due to which there was dimness, insufficient lighting and lots more different than the already habituated CFL and incandescent bulbs. Improvisation has been done to a great extent in the running of the LED light bulbs, which has added to the popularity of such LED light bulbs for home. At, these bulbs are found in plenty for the use by consumers, who want to either try a few of these or are satisfied customers willing to change the entire electrical fitting.

Selecting the lights based on brightness and colour

A visit to the portal of WLED clearly denotes the choices that people have for the replacement LED light bulbs, from the various kinds of brightness levels available. Since we tend to measure the lights according to their brightness, the lumens measurement is presently most suitable for the LED lights. The best LED light bulbs would be the ones, which have the luminescence of 100-watt bulb, and this is also the one with the highest prices. If you wish to purchase a dimmer version, with cooler light, then higher lumens of up to 3000 can be selected, while the warmer yellow lights can be chosen with 2700 lumens. According to preferences, the best LED light bulbs can be selected for use in homes or in office. Although many people are nowadays gradually getting a hold of the ideas to buy LED light bulbs for home, at, this is being voluntarily undertaken by us to make our customers aware and educated about the LED bulbs, their working and selections.

Understanding the benefits and features of LEDs before using

Before you buy replacement LED light bulbs, it is necessary that you are convinced that there is benefit with the features of LED light bulbs for home. The duration of running of LED light bulbs is another important consideration, which has helped in scoring over the traditional CFL and incandescent bulbs. Some of these cheap LED light bulbs can run for about 25,000 hours, which can be for more than 10 years, even if it is used for a few hours of the day and night. For long term electric bulb viability, these cheap LED light bulbs are in high demand and they have proven to be having the LED light bulbs features of longevity and good lighting. For these bulbs, there will be decrease in luminescence, but will not get fused, which has become the best quality and benefit of LED light bulbs for home.

Making customers aware, informed and accessible to best lights

At, we are committed to provide the best LED light bulbs for our customers, so that they not only are convinced about the benefits of LED lights, but are able to understand the working and features of these lights, with access to plenty of choices in the cheap LED light bulbs.