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We are an LED lighting specialist based in Leicester city centre. For years we have been supplying the United Kingdom and Ireland with top of the range LED lighting products and we continue to do so to this day. We owe our success to a simple, but effective formula: good quality products and speedy service, backed up by friendly customer service and a comprehensive guarantee.

What do we sell?

Here at you will find a huge range of top-notch LED lights and other LED-related products, all of which are guaranteed to save you money on your electricity bills. This includes everything from straight retrofit replacements for your existing halogens to flexible LED Strip Lights, the ultimate lighting accessory.

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Wholesale LED Lights offers a fast and reliable service to all its customers. Unless otherwise stated, all our products are held in-stock at our Leicester-based warehouse ready for immediate dispatch. Order today before 4pm and you could have your new LED lights tomorrow!

» Unbeatable Service

Our friendly customer service team are always happy to help, whatever the query and however complex it might be. Give us a call on 0116 321 4120 or email us at What's more, our website is filled with tons of useful information and helpful guides designed to assist you in your purchasing decisions.

» Competitive Prices

We are regularly checking the prices of our competitors to ensure that the prices we advertise are fair and competitive. If you have found a product we sell for cheaper elsewhere, give us a call and we will do our best to match that price.

» Quality Products

We have established relationships with some of the industries leading manufacturers of LED lighting so you can be sure that our products are some of the best in terms of quality, light output and reliablity. And if that Isn't enough, all our products go through at least two quality control checks before they reach our customers.

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We offer a 14 day no-quibble money-back guarantee and 5-year warranty so you can buy with confidence. If you are buying LED Lights for the first time, take advantage of our 14-day home trial and, if you are not completely satisfied with your bulbs, return them to us for an exchange or complete refund - no questions asked!

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Brighten Your Space With Best LED Lights For Home, Cars and Others

Online purchases surely come with their share of discounts. But when such products are certified and popular for their quality, buying these items is highly justified and detailed. Among the various kinds of technologically advanced products being available in the market, the LED lights can be said to be amongst the most innovative options. Light Emitting Diode is used inside bulbs or strips to produce luminescence when current is made to pass through them. A large number of such diodes can be fitted together or inside the single bulbs to emit light, which is nowadays considered to be possible with less power consumption, at low voltages and for long period of time.

Use of LED bulbs across many locations, houses and commercial spaces:

LED lights for homes as well as commercial places are nowadays the talk of the town, partly because of the imminent advantages but mostly because of the easy availability and mass advertisements of such items. To understand the lighting effects and the amount of brightness or change in colours, you can start the use of LED lights UK for the first time, by using the strips in one of the rooms. Since under cabinet or wall lighting is quite common, it is supposed to be an important ways to find out more about these lights.

Multitude of uses of LED lights has brought them into focus these days. People are able to use LED lights for home as they get such products at affordable price ranges in form of wholesale LED lights in the UK.

Many well known and branded manufacturers have come up with stylish fittings of LED lights while it is being used compulsorily in many fields like the LED lights for cars.

For houses having solar power supplies, LED lights for home offer the most lucrative deals for people. Wholesale LED lights are being used to add illumination to the coloured or white LED strips. All varieties of wholesale LED lights are available through online stores of, for which you will be highly enthusiastic to buy.

Variety Of LED Lighting Solutions:

For the upcoming product launch or office inauguration and for the festival at your home, you are keen on finding something unique, valuable and appealing for decorating the interiors and exteriors. has been working towards this particular goal for people by arranging LED lighting in UK, through wide varieties of LED lighting solutions.

Gradually, more and more people are becoming aware about the functionalities and advantages of LED lighting, for which they are buying one of two bulbs or the LED lighting strips for use in homes and shops. A couple of these strips can be put across the backlight panel, below the cabinet or in the plinth level for getting some lighting effects. As a means to try out a few of these available options, people can buy from us, because we understand that the mindset from CFL to LED will take a bit of time to change.

In the UK, the mindset is bent towards the use of innovative lighting through LED lighting solutions, for which lots of people are using the newer techniques and then expanding their usage spectrum.

Availability of a complete LED lighting kit with all the necessary accessories, drivers, adapters and chargers has brought about a change in the trend of use of LED lighting UK.

Options in the field of LED lighting are also being increased, so that you can move around to check out different types of LED lighting strips or bulbs and go for more of these lighting products in the near future. Due to the availability of different kinds of LED lighting solutions, these are in demand, after people have rested their doubts on performance, quality, electricity consumption and durability. With the LED lighting by pioneering in good supply chain, making people aware and offering the best products, lots of people have reposed their faith in our products for a wide range of selections.

Picking From Wide Range Of LED Light Bulbs Products:

Nowhere else you will come across as wide a range of LED light bulbs, as has been stocked with us at This is because we bring in all these variants to meet the requirements of our customers. There are hundreds of lights in LED designs, each having further divisions and variants. All these are available as LED light bulbs wholesale, with differences in voltage output, wattage input, current requirements and the shapes and sizes.

So, while on one end, there are LED spot light bulbs, we also have the strips or tapes of LEDs.

LED light bulbs wholesale have different denominations, which can be checked out in our stores. For cylindrical shaped 12 volt LED light bulbs, there are slight differences in their designs, with some being dimmable while opaque varieties are also present. But, characteristically, all of them have long life span, with low wattage consumption and voltage.

-       MR16 variants of spot lights – For indoor and outdoor focus lighting or spot lighting, the variants of MR16 LED light bulbs are being sought after. These are further available in different lumens, angles of focus and watt consumption. Indoor lights usually have the LED light bulbs, but you will have to pick up the right bulb for the right cover or reflector.

A visit to our online store will let you become clear on new and innovative LED light bulbs wholesale, which can also be purchased with discounts and with proper checking of reviews and their requirements. There are plenty of varieties of such lights, which can be procured from our stores, in a few pieces or in large numbers for the electrification of the entire project.

Get Cheap LED Bulbs With Ease:

All your needs of LED bulbs can be satisfied by visiting our portal of, where a wide range of bulbs, spot lights, and other LED accessories are present. We are the pioneers in providing the best LED bulbs UK for local residents and commercial centres, so that they can lighten up their premises with the incandescence of light emitting diodes with varying colours and lumens.

Buying from us helps in fulfilling the specific requirements at low costs.

-       We have wide range of products of best LED bulbs, in different shapes of round, convex, cylindrical and strips or tapes.

-       All our products are displayed in the portal for easy navigation and informed selections.

-       LED bulbs are availed at discounted rates in competitive pricing with other sellers in the UK market, for which we have been able to be ranked among the top sellers of LED light bulbs UK. Also, the wholesale pricing has brought in many customers for their requirements of LED bulbs UK.

-       Across all product ranges, our prices will be found to be very reasonable, while maintaining quality of the bulbs. Since quality assurance is also there, our best LED bulbs can last for years together, running on very less voltage and current levels.

Whenever there is requirement of LED light bulbs UK, you can visit our portal and check out the product range. You can also compare prices of the cheap LED bulbs so that there is a proper decision as well as the buying of the right products. Also, the accessories like adapters, circuits and power supplies can be purchased from our site, with due consideration of the type of LED bulbs to be used.

Buy Cheap GU10 LED Bulbs With Necessary Accessories:

Most of our product ranges at are popular among the customers. For all kinds of requirements of LED bulbs and lights, you can visit us and browse through our collections. When there is the need to fix up a spot light with LED bulbs, the one product that has been the hallmark of our range is that of GU10 LED light bulbs. We do not have only one variety in the GU10 range, but the GU10 LED bulbs 50w equivalent can also be found, along with differences in lumens, wattage, voltage and the beam angle.

-       GU10 LED light bulbs are primarily used in spot lights, with their covers leaving out lights at varying angles, even though the wattage is save. Depending on the area that you want to be illuminated, the beam angle carries the significance.

-       GU10 LED bulbs 50w equivalent also comes in different variations, with changes in wattage and lumens as per the illumination requirements. So, you can buy the cheap GU10 LED bulbs with different watts and lumens from our stores.

-       There are cheap variations of GU10 LED light bulbs, but the quality is of the highest standards, thereby maintaining our statute as the top LED providers in UK.

-       There are colour variations of the GU10 LED bulbs 50w, which can be utilised for creating colour changing effect, with the use of controllers. So, to make it easy for our customers, we have added the controllers and other necessary accessories in our collections for our customers to get the benefit of finding everything in one place for their lighting needs.

Choose from wide range of options of MR16 LED bulbs:

Since our store of has a lot of products to fulfil the requirements in the field of LED lights, our customers seek us out for all their LED needs. Starting from providing a plethora of options in light bulbs, to that of accessories to run these bulbs, we stock many products and these are available at comparatively cheaper costs for all our customers from UK and Ireland.

Among the various products, the newest demand is being seen in the use of LED bulbs in spotlights and the MR16 series seems to be liked by our customers. Not only do we provide plenty of options in MR16 LED bulbs, we are also seeking to satisfy your requirements of coloured and RGB bulbs to fit in these spotlights for party and dance floors. You can browse through our collections of warm white and cool white bulbs in MR16 LED light bulbs series, taking into account the voltage and luminescence.

ü  All products of the series of MR16 LED bulbs are priced quite cheap compared to market prices at our portal. You can select the MR16 LED bulbs 12v for putting up in the spotlights or pick up the variations in MR16 with more lumens for warmer lighting.

ü  These products of MR16 LED bulbs are also available as MR16 LED dimmable, so that the incandescence can be varied as per the requirements. Even though one might think these to be priced higher, these are usually quite less in cost but high in quality. So, have your pick from the MR16 LED light bulbs and pick your choice from our stores at affordable rates and with best quality.

Best luminescence with R63 LED bulbs and replacements:

After having used one of our LED bulbs, most people in UK and Ireland are changing over their house and office lighting to different varieties of these light sources. One of the very popular products found at has been that of the R63 LED, which comes in different variants and colours, thereby making it a favourite product for home usage. Not only do these R63 LED bulbs provide brilliant lighting but they can be available as R63 LED dimmable power for better effects.

-       Being opaque in their surface, their light is not harsh on the eyes and hence can be great for home usage. People having used one of these R63 LED bulbs have gone on to change all their bulbs in the house with R63 LED replacement.

-       When purchased in large numbers, the overall effective pricing of the R63 LED comes down to a very small amount, thereby also reducing the overall costs of changing the bulbs at home.

-       The R63 LED dimmable is able to create the warm white and cool white colours, with the right circuit and power source.

Additionally, the property of R63 LED reflector has added to the popularity, with their dispersed illumination, so that it is comfortable to the eyes and also the visibility is quite sharp and fine. We have the best products for R63 LED replacement, so that these can be used widely for home and even can be used as a regular fixture for the interior decor of the house.